Robert and I first met over the phone because I needed advice regarding setting myself up for Medicare and the co insurance  as I had been employed full time and was provided health insurance by my employer ..

I called him from an ad in the local newspaper.and I also watched him in webinar session . He was amazing ! He asked basic questions about my general health and personal goals and demographics and he guided me through the process with insight and foresight so that I would receive  the best Medicare and co-insurance coverage.

After this was set up we spoke further about my financial outlook and goals and he gave me fantastic advice about setting up plans that could save me thousands of dollars in taxes and fees.

He is now a friend of mine ,and advocate of mine and someone who can guide me and advise me both in the health insurance aspect and financial aspect of my current situation. I cant emphasize enough how Robert is always  reachable accessible and ready to advocate for you/.

Dr. Thomas Fuchs-Owner-Boro Park Medical PLLC-Brooklyn, NY

Medicare ,Under 65 Major Medical, Covid 19 Vaccine 

Robert Remin Insurance provides my family with excellent service which saves us thousands on our insurance needs while also providing peace of mind!  After I attended Robert’s seminar, he set up my mom with a great Medicare supplement plan which saved her money on both her plan and prescription drug costs.  Then, when my husband and I needed personal health insurance, Robert helped us find options that fit our needs and, again, saved us money!  Fast forward to last week, when I’m beside myself trying to get my high risk mom a vaccine appointment, and find Robert’s helpful newsletter in my email which contains a link to a vaccine registration site that works and has available appointments!  Mom was vaccinated today and has her follow up scheduled.  Moreover, I have peace of mind that my loved got needed care, all because of Robert’s helpful assistance.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Robert Remin Insurance!

Barbara Sheridan, Scarsdale, NY

Elaine Dorhan-Westchester County, NY

Hello Robert,

Thank you so much for helping me select a new healthcare provider. My recent change in circumstances made it necessary for me to consider choosing a more appropriate plan. I was hesitant in doing so because of my lack of knowledge in this area but you made the transition a painless one.

You handled all of the research and was able to come up with a plan that suited my healthcare needs while allowing me to stay with my present doctors. I also appreciate the fact that you are always just a phone call away from answering any questions that I might have.

Thank you again for all of you help.


Elaine Drohan

PS Feel free to post this on your website. 

Laura Lewis-Founder Spit Spot Organizing-Westchester County, NY

Robert is both exceptionally well-informed and responsive to phone calls, emails and texts. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of health insurance plans including who to talk to at the various home offices when you need more information. Robert is courteous, patient and kind and seriously could not have been more helpful. I recommend him 100%

Sumaiya Wood-San Francisco Bay Area

Robert has been wonderful to work with as I’ve been navigating the Medicare maze for my dad. He presents information in a clear, easy-to-understand manner and is an ideal guide for anyone in search of unbiased information about the various Medicare options available. Ultimately he ended up pointing us toward a company he was unaffiliated with for Part C because that was the best option for my dad. That is the definition of integrity in my book
"I had the pleasure of working with Rob to find a Medicare Supplement plan. He spent as long with me as I needed and was very, very helpful as I bombarded him with email questions. Rob claims he can find you the best deal. Although I have known Rob for years and trusted him, I am the skeptical type so I spent hours checking to see if his claim was true. Well, after hours of checking and a number of frustrating calls with really stupid insurance companies, I found out...Rob was right all along. So, you have two choices: do all the work yourself and then find out Rob was right all along or just spare yourself the trouble and listen to him."

Mathew Hoffman-Barton, LLP-Of Counsel

Robert Remin was a tremendous help in getting my parents the correct Medicare plan for them. He is a true professional and is very knowledgable in his field. Robert took the stress out of a complicated procedure. 
— Carol Spira
Riverdale, NY
Robert helped me secure medicare coverage for my parents when they arrived in New York just before the enrollment deadline.

I hope to get Robert's help again during the next enrollment period!
—Mira Scharf, Nassau County 
We are very happy with the plans we are in.

I was very impressed with Robert's efficiency and proficiency, delivered with a humanity all too rare in healthcare today - unfortunately.

Please rest assured that if I hear of someone shopping for a health plan, Robert's name and number will shoot out of my mouth!e got for our money!
— Peter McGarry, Suffolk County
Robert is a pleasure to work with. We have been completely satisfied with Robert's knowledge and attention to our needs.  
— Karen & Joseph Awendstern, Nassau  County
We have been insured with Aflac for over 2 years and it has been a blessing. I never realized all of the little expenses Aflac picks up for you.

I have a family of 5 and with 3 children playing competitive sports Aflac has paid for so many different things for us. X-Rays, hospital stays, Physical therapy surgeries and much more.  The cost of the insurance is very small in comparison with all of the  benefits we receive from it.

Having Robert Remin as our insurance advisor has been  fantastic, he is easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and follows up with all of our claims.  He is a pleasure to work with.
— Michael Arborn Owner
Arborn Printing and Graphics
Mamaroneck, N.Y.